Alimos blockages

ALIMOS BLOCKAGES. At Alimo, we have been offering, since the 1970s, high-level cleaning, unclogging, maintenance and inspection services in residential and commercial sewer networks. We also carry out pipe diagnostics with a blockage camera, root removal from sewer pipes and water pumping with powerful rapid suction pumps.

Our technical staff is highly trained in new technologies and works with professionalism, responsibility and respect for your property. The modern methods we follow do not create disturbance in your space nor cause damage to the piping.

Pressure occlusion machine

We follow the most modern clogging methods and use a pressurized water jet to unclog drains. All of the unclogging and cleaning methods we use leave the piping intact. We remove all obstacles (e.g. cooking grease, hair, food residues, papers, baby wipes, etc.) that block the ducts. Depending on the situation we use special pressurized water jet heads, such as rotary ones, to deal with any type of blockage. 

A pressure unclog is the safest and most effective way to remove hair, grease, paper, build-up and other foreign particles that clog drains. This particular mechanism uses only water and will not damage or wear down the pipes like other clogging methods. This function is very important as many commercial chemicals are quite caustic to pipes and harmful to individual as well as public health.  

By effectively cleaning the drain, we restore its proper function. Thus we prevent serious problems and avoid significant costs and damages that would be caused such as corrosion of the pipes in a blocked sewer network.

Two important factors for a correct blockage are the correct assessment of the problem and the immediate communication with our company if you have realized that there is a problem which, despite your efforts, has not been solved.

Camera sewer inspection and diagnosis

We offer sewer control with a special camera (CCTV). We carry out an inspection and immediate diagnosis of the drainage system, with the aim of accurately and quickly identifying the problem that is plaguing your drainage. Our technicians, having a complete picture of the problem, choose the appropriate method for the specific blockage. 

The camera is quite useful for your detailed information and proper approach to the drainage system problems of any area.

The benefits of the sewer diagnostic camera are many:

  • A detailed check is made and the exact location and nature of the problem is identified.
  • Cracks, breaks and also subsidence of the pipes are recorded.
  • Possible leaks appear but also the state of the static of the piping joints.
  • The invasion of roots from the adjacent trees in the area is detected. 
  • Substantially reduced cost from older methods of diagnosing sewer problems.
  • Saving time and money.

Some clogs are more specialized and require the attention of a professional who will do a careful investigation with the camera to identify the real causes of the problematic drain. Sometimes the soil simply shifts, which damages the integrity and tightness of the pipe. The camera hardware helps a lot in determining what work is needed.

Camera diagnosis material is also available in digital format. All you have to do is notify us before the work and we will deliver the material to you on a USB or SD card.

Blockage by tree roots

We have the necessary root cutting equipment to remove tree roots that have penetrated inside the drain. Our specialized technician will remove and remove tree roots from your drain. If the drain is clogged, then there is a good chance that tree roots are the cause. The water and tree nutrients that flow through the pipes are the things that tree roots crave. Even a tiny crack or loose joint can release root-attractive vapors. The roots continue to grow until they eventually form an amorphous mass. This mass acts as a trap for the passing particles which adhere to it and thus completely block the pipe.  

Tree roots are the number one cause of damage to underground pipes. Our team has the required tools which with excellent handling will remove the roots. The special and state-of-the-art root cutting machines do not cause any disturbance to your garden. The roots that block the pipes will be removed and after the work is done they will work smoothly. In addition to the root removal process, an additional drain cleaning will make the pipes look like new.

Water pumping

We undertake to pump the dirty water from any place even in the most difficult cases, at very economical prices. Severe weather events, especially in the Attica region, have intensified in recent years. A heavy rainfall floods basements, wells and common areas. Water pumping is a one-way street. We carry out pumping with modern high-speed water pumping machines and special pumps for the absorption of clean and dirty water.

Water pumps can be carried out in any area that can flood for various reasons such as a leak or a clogged gutter. Underground, semi-underground, ground floor areas, parking lots and elevator shafts are the main victims of a flood.

Our experienced technicians know very well that speed and efficiency are required in flooded areas. They know how to approach and where to place the absorption system. Speed ​​in the event of flooding is a critical factor in optimally reducing the extent of damage. We have modern and powerful pumps for all occasions and all levels of difficulty.