Blockage of Well

CLOCKWISE OF A WELL. We provide well plugging services with modern professional methods and latest generation technological tools. We remove all obstacles, accumulated masses, soil, small objects and deliver the well to you spotlessly clean. Whatever is blocking your well or your drain pipes we can unclog it. We unclog every blockage in every part of your sewer network.

The central manhole of each property is the last drainage point before the public sewer system. All pipes in the building are led to the central well. It makes sense at this point to collect all the unwanted materials that favor the clogs. Therefore, a preventive maintenance and a regular cleaning of the well, may save you from bigger future and costly problems.

Obstruction of central drainage manhole

Every day, all the waste water from the kitchens (dishwasher, sink, garbage disposal) and bathrooms (bathtub, sink, basin, washing machine, shower) of the buildings, passes through pipes and ends up in the central drainage well. From there they are channeled to their collection point which is the central sewerage network of the respective municipality. In the well is also the engine water pump or as it is called, the odor trap. 

So when different materials start to accumulate there, the chances of it getting clogged are very high. Also, many times before the central well is blocked, unpleasant odors begin to waft into the area. This is also a serious first indication that something is wrong with the engine water pump, that is, with the central well.

Machine siphon or Osmotrap

In order to connect a property to the sewer network, the hydrant must be installed. All piping of the internal drainage system must be connected to the final horizontal network of the property. From there they are led to the central shaft of the building where the water pump is located. At the end of each sewage installation and before the connection to the sewer or cesspool, the mechanical siphon, which is essentially a large siphon, is placed in the well.

The water pump prevents the entry of gases from the external network, sewers or cesspools to the internal network of the building. The water pump is also called an odor trap for this very reason. In other words, it does not allow the unpleasant odors of the sewage, which have an upward course, to enter the pipes and from there into the living spaces. Also, the hydrant has a mechanism that allows air to enter the sewer network and protects it from emptying the water. The diameter of the engine water connection pipe is at least 120 mm, while the diameter of the ventilation pipe is at least 70 mm.

Clogging and cleaning of the sewer

We responsibly undertake the clogging and cleaning of wells with professional methods and tools. Experience and know-how are a given, as well as:

  • We have a pressurized water-jetting mechanism with special heads on a case-by-case basis (clogging nozzles) and specialized technicians with extensive experience in clogging.
  • We conduct a proper assessment of the problem.
  • We inform you in detail and responsibly about the current state of the well and the required work, 
  • Clogging is carried out, if required, with the pressure machine and thorough cleaning of the well and its piping.
  • From the moment we deliver the well to you clean, we calculate the time it will take to repeat unclogging and cleaning. So you could calculate the possibility of a maintenance contract with regular preventive cleanings for permanently clean central wells without the problems of blockages or overflows in the interior of the properties.
  • We provide responsible and quality blockages because we want happy customers who either call us due to an emergency or have a permanent partnership with a maintenance contract.

ATTENTION : The use of the pressurized water jet mechanism is only applied by trained, experienced and specialized blockage technicians. Improper use can cause damage or flooding from overflow.

Well blockages with immediate intervention

Well blockages with immediate response

In a sewer most – if not all times – the malfunction starts in this central manhole. If you find yourself faced with such a situation, you should not let it trouble you. 

We are able to come and relieve you of the problem at any time of the day or night you ask us. We will unclog the sump and restore the drain to its original smooth operation. 

Our technicians have the experience, the know-how and the machines needed for every situation. Taking into account the use, construction and age of the network, they will directly provide the solution and solve the problem once and for all.