Blockages Weights

HEAVY BLOCKAGES. We deal with any blockage that is causing you a problem in the drain. We clean the pipes of your sewer network, from the sink to the central well of an apartment building. If tree roots have penetrated your pipes and blocked the drain we are the experts in locating and removing them. If your place is flooded by a sudden downpour or a leak, we immediately pump the water with special modern high-speed pumps.

We have know-how and experience, we are professionals and we operate responsibly respecting your space and property. Our technicians act promptly and efficiently as they are highly trained in new technologies.

Clogging with a pressurized water jet

We carry out blockages using a pressurized water jet machine. It is the most effective and safest way to remove and clean objects, rubbish, aggregates and amorphous masses that clog drains. This modern mechanism leaves the pipe intact and clean. Notify us immediately when you notice that the drainage in your drain is delayed to prevent a more serious problem.

A series of different nozzles that attach to the end of the device’s hose, shoot water at high pressure from different angles. This technique results in the blockage of the duct immediately and in particularly difficult blockages. We follow European rules and have a high-pressure water jet that cleans pipes up to 100 meters long.

Camera sewer inspection

Our state-of-the-art camera equipment allows us to thoroughly inspect your sewer system and drain pipes to identify any problems. With the sewer camera, all the causes that either block the pipes or create damage inside them are identified. Some sewer problems are quite deep along the pipes and a careful camera investigation is required to identify the real causes. Time and the geological behavior of the surrounding area either cause wear or breaks, or even destruction in the pipelines. Sometimes the ground just shifts, which causes damage to the pipe. The information transmitted by the camera with the special handling of our technicians determines the exact location and type of problem.

Sewer inspection camera surveys offer a clear picture of projects carried out by ‘third parties’ but which have unfortunately affected your own drainage system. Human error can damage your pipes but how will you find out? The digital footage from the camera inspection can also be used in any “third party” dispute. It is also an irrefutable piece of evidence either for insurance companies or for the current drainage situation in case of property purchase.

What is an occlusion camera?

A drain camera, or clog camera as it is commonly called by the general public, is a very small camera attached to a long flexible, tough and flexible cable. Our qualified technician will use the cable to reach the point where there may be a blockage or break. The cable can be twisted and turned to fit into all the bends of your pipe. Our technician watches the camera footage in real time, which allows him to diagnose the condition of the pipes directly. 

Let us know before starting camera work, and we will deliver a digital recording of the inspection on USB or SD card with the diagnosis. The good news with using the camera is that you no longer have to guess what the real problem is.

Blockage by tree roots

Call us for immediate and safe solutions regarding the removal and removal of tree roots from your pipes. Inside your pipes are water and nutrients for the roots that they are looking for. This results in them getting into the piping and causing serious damage. Our team has the tools to remove them with special state-of-the-art root cutting machines. It’s very difficult to know exactly where and what the problem is, so it’s a good idea to call a professional to perform a camera drain diagnosis.

We remove tree roots from the pipes, remove them and clean the pipes completely. The natural attraction of roots to water leads them to the pipes. Tree roots don’t stop growing until they completely clog your drain, the sooner you notice the problem and call us, the more likely you are to have a smooth unclogging. Of course, the level of difficulty does not prevent us from completing the unclogging effectively. Simply, the problem should not reach the level of destroying the pipe because the cost of repairing or changing the pipes is quite high.

Underground pipes are made of various materials. Older clay pipes are more susceptible to root invasion. Metal pipes are heavier, are more difficult to handle and sometimes their joints loosen. The new type of PVC plastic pipes are impermeable, light and with better joint connection, as a result of which they are more resistant to possible root invasions.

We have a lot of experience in dealing with roots and have dealt with many cases of high difficulty in our long course.

Water pumping

We undertake water pumping in all areas, for all levels of difficulty at a low cost. Our technicians are highly trained to be able to carry out water pumping in any area that may flood. The most common places that flood are basements, semi-basements, ground floors, parking lots and elevator shafts.

We carry out water pumping of all types, whether from rain or dirty water due to overflow or leakage. Place the drain pipe in the correct position carefully and securely. We also have the most modern pumps for all occasions and all levels of difficulty.

Severe weather events, especially in the Attica region, have intensified in recent years and pumping water is a one-way street. Contact us and our staff will come immediately to any location in Attica you indicate.