Clogged toilet bowl

BASIN OBSTRUCTION. A clogged pelvis is a problem that all of us will have to deal with at least once in our lives. A clogged toilet bowl drain is a fairly common phenomenon, especially in apartment buildings where many tenants live. The main reason a basin clogs is clearly the materials we tend to pour in. Below we will talk about the reasons why the toilet can clog sooner or later. Plus we’ll look at when you need to call a clog company, the possible signs of a clogged sink, and what you should avoid doing to keep your sink drain always working properly.

What should I do if I cannot unclog the basin?

In the event that no home method of clogging does not solve your problem, then our workshop will need to come to do a professional clogging. The reason home remedies don’t work in these situations is because the materials that have created the clog are in hard-to-reach places in the drain pipe. Therefore, we will need to use our professional equipment consisting of pressure or electromechanical tools, while we do not exclude the possibility of using an occlusion camera as well. Thus, we will be able to restore the normal function of the pelvis. Call us anytime your problem arises. Our crews are ready to respond immediately to your call and provide a definitive solution.

Causes of a clogged pelvis

The main cause of sewer blockage is the construction of the central sewer network itself. When we talk about the construction we are naturally referring to the way in which the pipes and siphons are connected to each other. Some networks have pipes that are very narrow in diameter and are usually made of plastic or copper. Therefore, the possibility of clogging the basin is quite high. Consequently, even the central sewer during an unexpected heavy rainfall is vulnerable to overflow and blockages.

However, the main cause of a blockage is the misuse of the toilet itself. Most of us don’t think about the problem that can be created down the drain by throwing even a small piece of toilet paper. But materials like this cannot be dissolved in water. Most of the time they end up trapped inside the drain pipe. Additionally, some other items that can end up in the toilet bowl include baby wipes, cotton swabs, diapers, tampons, hair strands, and soap or toothpaste residue. The moment you will know that your toilet is clogged is when the water will not be able to circulate comfortably in the pipe and will return with the sewage to the surface of the basin every time you flush.

Still many people think that no harm can be done by throwing a small object into the basin. This is because when we pull the faucet this object will disappear from our field of vision, when in reality the same object will probably get stuck in some corner of the basin drain. Finally, this situation can get even worse if the sewer system is old or problematic.

Signs of a clogged pelvis

The most common indication when the basin is clogged is the overflow of the water and the failure to remove the organic waste water when we flush. This is one of the most unpleasant situations. The reason this is done is because the sewer pipes are placed in such a way that the water flows downwards and because the water meets some resistance from some object, it necessarily returns. Also, another good indication is the presence of a bad smell which is quite easy to detect and is mainly created when there is a problem with the drainage.

How to check with an obstruction camera

In order to make an accurate diagnosis, we perform the check with occlusion cameras. This is a type of proactive visual recognition that helps us to be accurate and avoid failures when it comes to checking your sewer network. So we can be absolutely sure and easily check the point that needs unclogging. Therefore, our company can also know the exact cost of the work that will be needed in order to carry out the unclogging.

Can I unclog the toilet bowl myself?

If your problem is superficial, we can suggest some simple ways that you can use to unclog your toilet bowl.

Unclogging with boiling water

First make sure to turn off the water supply. Then boil water and pour it slowly and steadily into the toilet bowl. Finally, let it act for a few minutes. In this simple way many of the objects that have blocked the pipe can be dislodged and move towards the main drain. Thus, your problem will be solved and you will be able to use your basin again.

Unclogging with effervescent tablets

Another good trick you can use to unclog the basin is to use two effervescent tablets. These tablets can be anything from common painkillers to vitamins. In case you don’t have two tablets, you can follow the same procedure with a liter of coke. To begin with, you need to turn off the main water switch. Immediately after, drop the two tablets into the basin and let them work for as many hours as you can. Finally, pour one or two pots of boiling water, open the water supply and check by pulling the faucet if the normal water level in the basin has returned. 

Unclogging with boiling water

First of all turn off the water supply as with the previous methods. Then, pour into the basin a tablespoon of baking soda which you should have previously dissolved in a cup of oxygen. After pouring the mixture, close the lid of the basin and let it act for 15 minutes. After the time has passed, pour a pot of boiling water into the basin, turn on the water supply and flush the faucet a few times. If the blockage is successful, the water level should return to normal levels.