Gutter Blockage

BLOCKAGE OF WATER FLOW. We are the most experts in blocking gutters in yards, ground floors, roofs, balconies and terraces. We take care of cleaning and unblocking your gutters without the fuss, fuss and hassle. The work is done by our workshops easily, quickly and without much cost.

Gutter blocking is definitely not an easy task nor a simple task as it requires expertise and experience. Also, the modern machines and tools that we have the advantage of having, guarantee the effectiveness and also the cause of zero damage to the pipelines in relation to the older blocking methods.

Professional gutter clogs

Don’t expect to be flooded. Keep your gutters in good condition so you don’t have problems and have to run at the last minute. 

We are always here to help you with any problem concerning your gutter. Our specialty in gutter blockages is undisputed. With the contribution of modern machines combined with sophisticated ecological methods of blocking, your clogged gutters will be a thing of the past in no time. 

Clogging of a vertical gutter with an electric machine

In cases of vertical gutters, we undertake their unclogging with an electric machine. This mechanism has a spiral which our technician inserts and drives with proper handling into the gutter. This is powered by a powerful motor. It rotates very quickly and in its path, it will remove all the solid materials or it can even possibly pull roots from plants that have invaded and which our technician undertakes to cut. 

Clogging of horizontal gutter with pressure machine & water jet

In the case of the horizontal gutter, the unclogging is mainly carried out with a pressurized water jet. This machine has a very long hose which our technician will initially place inside the gutter pipe. Immediately after that it will start the water jet. The water is shot out with too much pressure and so anything that has blocked the gutter either dissolves or flows out of it. The result is that the gutter returns to its normal function, it is crystal clear and the water flows in normally again. 

What is a gutter?

Gutters are hydraulic pipes that are an important part of the drainage network that must be maintained frequently. Thus, unpleasant situations such as flooding caused during a sudden and unexpected downpour are avoided. 

The gutter is that drainage system which undertakes to collect or remove rainwater from the respective building. This is something extremely important since it prevents the accumulation of moisture which saturates the surfaces of the buildings to the point of creating corrosion or discoloration. In a few words, the specific drainage pipes contribute to the prevention of damage to the building materials, to the non-appearance of mold and in general to the good condition of the buildings. Mostly, however, flooded areas and standing water are avoided.

What do gutters clog most often?

Gutters are usually clogged by various rubbish but also by stones, leaves, plants and soil which leave with watering or the wind from planters and pots and clog the siphon of the terrace or balcony. From this point, they enter the gutters. Over time, the soils petrify and trap other materials as a result of which they block the gutter pipe at some point. 

Reduce the chances of clogged gutters

In addition to regular professional cleaning, another way to avoid clogged gutters is regular sweeping of yards, ground floors, terraces and balconies. If you take care to remove the various rubbish regularly then you reduce the risk of it going into the gutter. You can also place protective metal or plastic nets at the entrance of each gutter or on the siphons. All the garbage will be held there and you won’t have a problem as long as you clean it. 

Why do we need to clean the gutters?

Especially during the winter months, the normal functioning of the gutters is extremely necessary. Sudden rains, wind and extreme weather events can affect or even make gutter work difficult. If they are clogged, the result will certainly be floods and stagnant water. Therefore, this drainage system also needs special attention and regular cleaning in order to avoid similar, ugly situations.  

Where the water from the gutters ends up

The water that passes through the gutters ends up either in the street kennels (i.e. in the rainwater grates), or in rainwater storage tanks for various uses, or is drained directly into the public network and from there it is led to the sea. 

Gutters are usually metal or plastic gutters which are placed horizontally or vertically on the edge of the tiled roofs, i.e. on the roofs. 

Technically, these conduits can be open or closed. In addition, it is customary for each gutter to have two main points. The first is the point where its mouth is located and it is the one through which the water is channeled for drainage. The second is the vertical pipe which can be made of either metal or plastic through which the water passes so that it is removed from the building and ends up in the central rainwater drain. 

However a gutter is constructed, it is a necessary construction element for maintenance purposes and longer life of buildings.  

Contact us for any gutter problem

We are close to you, always willing to help you get rid of the problems caused by clogged gutters. All it takes is a phone call and in a few minutes one of our equipped workshops will knock on your door.

We are happy to guarantee you the efficiency of our work. Our reliability combined with our passion for work and awareness of the problems that can arise from clogged gutters make us clearly more responsible.