Drain inspection with camera

Camera Blocking is a fairly specialized job. We invest persistently in ensuring that our technicians are properly trained, constantly updated with technological developments and use modern means to successfully deal with any sewage problem.

Video surveillance of sewers

Many times identifying the nature of the problem requires camera diagnosis. It’s the best and safest method to find out exactly what’s going on. We have a state-of-the-art diagnostic camera which, thanks to its flexible shaft, penetrates deeply and transmits to a screen the inside of the pipes, revealing possible damage or blockage of the pipe.

The "CAMERA BLOCK" service allows us to:

  • To know the location and nature of the blockage in order to choose the appropriate blockage method.
  • The plumbers know exactly where to intervene and what actions are required to follow without working blindly.
  • The real assessment of the state of the sewer network of a building that you are going to buy.
  • Digital recording on USB or SD card.
  • The use of the digital recording of the sewage problem as evidence for any use, such as in insurance companies or in disputes with neighbors.
  • Finding lost small items of great emotional or financial value, such as rings, earrings, coins, cufflinks, etc.


  • Avoid clutter and chaos.
  • A thorough check and precise identification of the location and nature of the problem is carried out.
  • Immediate diagnosis.
  • Full control of all pipelines.
  • Cracks, breaks and also subsidence of the pipes are recorded.
  • Possible leaks appear but also the state of the static of the piping joints.
  • The invasion of roots from the adjacent trees in the area is detected. 
  • Substantially reduced cost from older methods of diagnosing sewer problems.
  • Saving time and money.
  • The digital recording is also used as proof of the cause of the problem.
  • It is also useful even when you want to buy a new house so that you have a clear picture of any defects in the drainage system before proceeding with the purchase.

Camera diagnosis technology

We can help you identify the problem and prevent it in its early form, before it escalates into a major incident. If you are facing a serious problem and can’t pinpoint the exact cause, please contact us anytime.

The tiny waterproof camera enters the sewer system through one of the passages in your sewer system that our skilled operator will select. With the appropriate manipulations, he guides her through the ducts in order to locate exactly where the blockage is. The entire route is recorded on video which is displayed online on the operator’s camera. The distance of the obstacle from the insertion point of the camera is calculated automatically.

Camera diagnostic technology offers a clean and proactive way to identify the exact nature of the problem plaguing your sewer system, something that may have been stressing and worrying you. But once the camera detects the problem, all the tasks that follow focus on the right point and are guided in the right direction.

Drainage control

Most problems in drains are created by the wear and tear of time, the conditions of the external environment and their good or bad use. It is possible to avoid small or large problems with a simple sewer camera diagnosis. Using this technological advantage you fully control the condition of the pipes and have a real picture of your sewer network. If you have a persistent problem or an unpleasant odor, a camera inspection will help you make the right decisions about your sewer system.

Our trained staff investigates the distribution and type of network in your area, identifies the cause (e.g. poor workmanship, substrate settling, roots of a nearby tree, salts, etc.) and informs you of the type and depth of the damage, so as to limit the point of intervention of the plumber and to reduce useless excavations and costs.

Without camera diagnosis, nothing can be confirmed or accurately detected. Our experienced technician will find every defect, crack, break, poor construction, tree roots, blockages and you will receive a thorough diagnosis and estimate for any damages, without burdening your property beyond the actual problem.