Occlusions Agios Dimitrios

AGIOS DIMITRIOS BLOCKS. We provide comprehensive and quality services of unclogging and cleaning of drains, diagnosis of drains with a blockage camera, removal of roots from the pipes and water pumping. We undertake to come to your place, in the whole of southern Attica, and to provide a solution to any type of sewage problem, with absolute responsibility and professionalism.

Our highly specialized technical staff, combined with the latest technology mechanical equipment, provides you with high standard services. We are always ready to unclog anything blocking your drain, no matter how difficult it is. We guarantee efficiency by following methods that do not wear out your pipes.

Pressure occlusion machine

We mainly use a pressure clogging machine to unblock the pipes from various obstacles that block the flow of sewage. This is because the pressure washer is the most effective and safe way to remove garbage and particles that clog drains. Chemical methods are very likely to damage and wear out the piping as some of them contain caustic and toxic substances. With our specialized equipment they will remain intact while cleaning completely.

It is important that you notify us immediately when you identify a problem. We, for our part, will properly assess the occlusive work as well as the appropriate method for each case. With the help of the latest technology and our highly trained technicians, the work will be done quickly and safely. Call us as soon as possible to avoid the high costs of larger damages.

Camera sewer inspection

Our state-of-the-art camera equipment allows us to thoroughly inspect your sewer system and drain pipes to identify any problems. With the sewer camera, all the causes that either block the pipes or create damage inside them are identified. Some sewer problems are quite deep along the pipes and a careful camera investigation is required to identify the real causes. Time and the geological behavior of the surrounding area either cause wear or breaks, or even destruction in the pipelines. Sometimes the ground just shifts, which causes damage to the pipe. The information transmitted by the camera with the special handling of our technicians determines the exact location and type of problem.

Sewer inspection camera surveys offer a clear picture of projects carried out by ‘third parties’ but which have unfortunately affected your own drainage system. Human error can damage your pipes but how will you find out? The digital footage from the camera inspection can also be used in any “third party” dispute. It is also an irrefutable piece of evidence either for insurance companies or for the current drainage situation in case of property purchase.

What is an occlusion camera?

A drain camera, or clog camera as it is commonly called by the general public, is a very small camera attached to a long flexible, tough and flexible cable. Our qualified technician will use the cable to reach the point where there may be a blockage or break. The cable can be twisted and turned to fit into all the bends of your pipe. Our technician watches the camera footage in real time, which allows him to diagnose the condition of the pipes directly. 

Let us know before starting camera work, and we will deliver a digital recording of the inspection on USB or SD card with the diagnosis. The good news with using the camera is that you no longer have to guess what the real problem is.

Blockage by tree roots

The cause of clogged drains from tree roots is quite common. The roots look for water and as a result they penetrate into the pipes and create damage or blockages. They don’t stop growing until they eventually completely clog the duct. Our team has the tools to remove them with special and state-of-the-art root cutting machines. We remove the roots and clean the pipes. It is very difficult to know exactly where the problem is so it is necessary to call a professional to diagnose the problem.

A tree’s root can extend into the ground from 2 to 7 times its height. This means that a 10m tree can spread roots over a radius of at least 20m. Underground pipes are made of various materials. Older clay pipes are more susceptible to root invasion. Metal pipes are heavier, more difficult to handle and sometimes have loose joints. The material for underground pipes now considered the most suitable is plastic (PVC), which is light and impermeable.

Water pumping

We undertake to pump water from any place no matter how difficult the location makes it. The rains in the region of Attica have intensified in recent years, resulting in flooding in basements, semi-basements, ground floors, elevator shafts and common areas. Water pumping is the only solution in this case and is effectively carried out with modern pumps. The latest powerful high speed pumps absorb large volumes of water quickly.

We pump all types of water, rain and dirty, with precision and excellent results. We have modern machines for all occasions and all levels of difficulty. Our experienced technicians can complete pumping in any space, no matter how hard to reach. We respond promptly and carry out our work professionally and efficiently.