Sink blockage

CLOCKWISE WASHER . One of the most common drainage problems we have to deal with is a clogged sink in the bathroom. Commonly called “sink unclogging”. If the sink does not drain the water at all, then it is clear that it is completely clogged. But if it drains slowly then it is getting ready to clog and the indications are specific:

  • When opening the faucet, we hear strange noises.
  • If the drain does not catch the running water quickly.
  • When we realize that there are bad smells coming out of the siphon. 

In any of the above cases, immediate blockage is required as the problem should not swell or spread elsewhere. The hydraulic systems of the bathroom are connected to each other and through each siphon they pass to the central drain. This is where the bathtub or shower drain, the washing machine drain and the sink drain meet.

The clog only concerns the sink as the drains of the bathroom, basin, shower and washing machine drain normally. If the rest of the drains drain slowly or not at all along with the sink, then the blockage is deeper in the pipes and does not concern the sink siphon.

Professional ways of blocking

Pressure mechanism with the water jet method

Water jetting is one of the most common clogging methods. It is highly ecological since the work is done exclusively with water. Press machines are now very powerful and run at high speeds. With their built-in long hoses they reach into any sink pipe and shoot water at high pressure so whatever is causing the clog will either be dissolved or removed. Immediately after water jetting, siphons and drain pipes are clean and fully functional again. 

With occlusion camera

For more specialized cases, the blockage camera is also a method that will help immensely in dealing with the clogged sink. It is used by our technicians in special cases such as when we want to identify exactly where the problem is occurring or when we are dealing with a more “sensitive” network. Usually in the older networks it is advisable to check the pipes with a camera which need careful treatment and an approach to the blockage method. 

The cameras are attached to long flexible hoses and inserted into each pipe regardless of caliber by a qualified technician. With proper handling, they run through the pipes, broadcasting the route on a screen, and of course they reach the obstacle blocking the drain. So the technician knows the type of clog and its exact location.

With electromechanical equipment

When you hear the term ” electromechanical” many will certainly think of the traditional spiral that is easily found in the trade. But it has nothing to do with our tool since it is a highly professional machine. It also works at high speeds while different heads can be attached to it depending on what we want to block. We usually use it in more difficult cases of blockage and especially when we have to break and free the drain pipe from petrified and harder materials. 

Causes of sink clogging

In theory, it is very easy to clog a sink in a house or apartment. There are many materials that can cause the problem. 

First, the toothpastes which dry out and petrify. Similarly, the remains of soaps, cosmetics and shaving foams. Also, the hairs of the hair when they leave the siphon accumulate and become a tangle which grows every time others fall, resulting in a solid tangle which traps other materials in their path. Consequently we have a clogged bathroom sink. 

Apart from the type of use, another main cause of congestion is the age and construction of the respective network. If it is a very old sewer, it is clearly more burdened and certainly more prone to problems. 

Signs of a clogged sink

Every time the sink drain gets clogged, we first notice some signs that it’s best not to ignore.

  • The slow drainage of water. That is, when the water does not leave quickly and as a result remains inside the sink.
  • When the water instead of going down the drain, it returns back together with various rubbish that has remained in the siphon.
  • Give a reason for the strange sounds you hear when you turn on the faucet.
  • When your sink drain pipe smells bad.  

How to avoid clogging the sink

A clogged sink can be avoided if we become a little more careful about the materials we let go with the water in its siphon. However, since this is not always possible, we can place a piece of tulle directly over the siphon hole. After this is full, we can remove it and replace it with a new piece very easily. This is definitely an inexpensive and easy method of prevention. 

Finally, we make sure to clean our sink drain quite often with liquid dish soap and boiling water. In no case do we use commercial occlusive powders since they can cause more damage such as e.g. broken pipes. 

Have you tried unclogging but the clog persists?

You may find various home remedies for unclogging. However, if none of them work, then you can contact us. Our workshops have an immediate response to your call and follow the method that is most suitable for your case. Whatever the situation, our experienced technicians will unclog the sink very quickly. 

Whether with water jetting and high pressure water jets or electromechanical tools, the sink will start working normally again draining the water without any problems at all. 

It is not worth suffering and suffering unjustly. Don’t postpone the blockage either, because the problem might get worse and cause damage to the rest of the sanitary ware in the bathroom. In some cases, flooded waters are also created due to overflow, which can lead to damp building materials of the property.