Water Pumping

We undertake WATER PUMPS in all regions of Attica with responsibility and professionalism. We understand the seriousness of the situation in the event of a flood. We are close to you and carry out water pumping even under extremely adverse conditions. For flooding, water pumping is a one-way street and must be done quickly to minimize damage to objects and space.

Immediate intervention for WATER PUMPS

We have a 24-hour hotline for all emergency and emergency needs. Our team of technicians is always available. After your call, our vehicles arrive on site and start the water pumping process immediately to reduce the possibility of further damage. The organized service network has one of the many mobile workshops near you. This is how we are able to offer fast services all the time.

Immediate intervention prevents prolonged downtime for your business. Our main concern is protecting your property and getting you back to normal quickly. We are committed to providing superior service in water pumping and drain blockages. We have highly trained staff in all areas.

Causes of flooded areas

The cross-section of the pipes that make up the sewer network have the capacity to drain a specific volume of water. Therefore, in case of very heavy rainfall, the network may not be able to drain the suddenly increasing volume of water. This results in the creation of flooded areas as water backs up because it cannot be drained from the mains. However, the same result is observed in the case where regular cleaning and preventive maintenance of the drainage networks is not carried out.

Causes that could cause stagnant water or flooded areas

  • Bad or incomplete maintenance of the wells of the central sewerage network by the municipalities.
  • Broken water pipes.
  • Clogged sump or blocked drain pipe.
  • Leakage from a plug in the EYDAP central sewer.
  • Overflow and return of sewage or water from clogged siphons in basements.
  • Malfunction of small pumps (with automatic activation in the absence of the owner) which in case of overflow are activated and usually placed in country houses or remote warehouses.
  • Extreme weather with heavy downpours.

In cases of flooding, blocked drains or leaks, we have the appropriate technical infrastructure to free you from unnecessary water (clean or dirty) from basements, elevator shafts, underground parking lots and any area that has been filled with water.


Powerful high speed pumps

We have powerful state-of-the-art pumps with rapid absorption capability. Our technicians are experienced and prepared to deal with emergency situations. They will do everything to help you quickly get your home or business back to normal.