Sewer Network Maintence

Drain Cleaning. The sewer system is a labyrinthine network of pipes that runs in and under our homes throughout the city. Its usefulness is of the utmost importance as it affects public as well as individual health. The sewerage network performs two basic functions, the channeling of stormwater (rain) from buildings and roads to the sea and the transport of sewage (from the basin, the sink, the sink, the bathtub, etc.) to the Wastewater Treatment Center. Thus the city is kept clean from all the impurities that we all create every day. Maintaining our sewer system well through cleaning is a very important job as it keeps the pipes in good condition and frees the flow of sewage.

Causes of drain wear

The smooth drainage of sewage and rainwater is the “key” to the normality of a civilized society. Poor workmanship, the quality of materials, or incorrect use, climatic conditions and the environment itself can cause blockages at any point in the network.

Personal hygiene and bathroom

  • Hair can build up to the point where it creates a slow flow or a complete blockage. Hair comes naturally from our head and there is nothing we can do about it. But we can try to protect the drain as much as possible with small and good practices, such as wiping hair from sinks and cleaning hair brushes over the trash can.
  • Decomposing wipes may be detrimental to the system. In some cities around the world, those responsible for the treatment and management of sewage have begun to discourage people from using the supposedly biodegradable wipes.
  • Feminine hygiene products and baby diapers pose a major risk to pipes because they are non-biodegradable and contain cotton and other fibers that have a tremendous capacity to clog and attract other clogging agents.
  • Items such as soap can break into pieces and remain in the drain. As well as other items that shouldn’t end up there, such as jewellery, children’s toys, condoms, dental floss. Normally nothing but water and human waste should go down the drain.

Foods and fats

  • Grease and oil are dangerous enemies of plumbing and all its components. Another increasingly widespread movement is that of educating consumers about the benefits of preventing grease from going down the drain, where it can build up and cause clogs.
  • Food scraps should be placed in the trash – never in the sink and especially not flushed down the toilet bowl. No sewer can handle much of that, because they weren’t designed to carry food. Edibles can be sticky, tight, sharp, or hard, none of which are tolerated in drain pipes.
  • Combinations of materials can join and stick together to form a large mass of blockage that leads to strange sounds, slow drainage and, ultimately, water and sewage backing up into the home. Soaps and detergents can build up, attract other materials and create a clog, especially in septic system drains (cesspools).
  • Tree roots are widely recognized as the number one cause of clogging in water and sewer systems. While it is more common to find tree roots inside the pipes of older homes, roots can find their way into systems of any technology generation. Some experts say the first sign of a tree root intrusion into the drain or water line is a gurgling sound.
  • The mineral deposits that form inside pipes as water flows through them. A common example is the calcium-rich sediment that forms when hard water is heated in a domestic water heater. Sediment deposits usually result from dissolved calcium and magnesium and sometimes other minerals contained in various types of water.
  • Pipe bursting can happen, especially in older homes or homes that may have aged concrete, clay or terra cotta pipes. Joints can loosen, fall off, and soil can create corrosion, which allows the pipe to loosen.
  • Sometimes nature wears down the sewer line, especially where the pipes have been moved. Leaves, branches, dirt, small stones and even rodents can create underground blockages that are difficult to locate.
  • Overloading is also another blocking factor, even when the sewer pipe has the correct cross-section especially if it works in a septic system (cesspool) and the volume of sewage has increased.
  • Leaks are the enemy of sewer and main drains because if water leaks underground, the soil will erode and soak, allowing the pipe to fall, loosen or otherwise shift position.

Construction issues

  • The slope of the drain and water pipes must be correct, otherwise it will cause drainage problems and possibly blockage. Gravity drives most of the operation of water systems, so it is vital that the pipes have the correct slope to flow properly.
  • Sewer pipes of small cross-section can be the main cause of blockage. Unless you have been the sole owner of a property since its inception, it can be difficult or impossible to know the history of its plumbing and drainage systems.

Preventive drain cleaning

Maintenance and regular preventive DRAIN CLEANING contributes enormously to the good condition of the network and the prevention of damage. By paying the appropriate attention you will prolong their life, avoid blockages and leaks and you will not waste unnecessarily exorbitant sums for possible damage restoration. With preventive regular maintenance of your sewer network, one of our experienced technicians will visit your premises regularly and scheduled for preventive cleaning.

Preventive maintenance includes scheduled visits at regular intervals to clean your sewer system. We clean all kinds of drains, from a sink to the central manhole of apartment buildings.

We apply special cleaning techniques for professional drains, such as:

  • In restaurants
  • Chemical and paint processing areas
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Butcher shops
  • Food processing areas
  • Cold cuts and cheese making areas
  • Any other professional activity produces a lot of waste water whose materials easily clog the drains.

You can call us now, let us inform you about the maintenance and cleaning of your sewer network. We will answer all the questions you may have about blockages and cleanings. Cleaning can also be done after the blockage. So your pipes will be completely clean of any accumulations of materials on the walls.

Sewer maintenance contract

We are at your disposal to discuss and draw up together a maintenance contract for your sewer network. The contract will be tailored to your exact needs whether it is a single-family home, an apartment building, or a business facility. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the type of sewage flowing in your pipes, their length, the state of damage they are in, their age, their material and the surrounding area.

  • We can take over the complete management of your drainage system. So whatever happens we will immediately know the history, structure and general behavior of your network.
  • You can call us whenever you want a preventive cleaning.
  • If we have entered into a maintenance contract, we assume the responsibility of calling you in time for the scheduled cleaning.
  • We can recommend the type of maintenance that meets your needs.
  • You can choose the specific parts of your network that need special attention and cleaning, as well as the frequency.
  • The hours and days of the visits are defined by you.

We give you multiple versions so you can choose the one that suits you. If you wish, you can suggest your own version. Call us to inform you, advise you and answer all the drainage issues that concern you.

Prevention is better than reaction.

Clogged drains can really slow down the operations of your business and the smooth running of your family’s daily life. Both in the domestic, as well as in the business and public sector, they are a daily phenomenon that unfortunately creates many unpredictable situations. They are not only unsanitary but can also cause flooding and property damage that can be very expensive. Our goal is to relieve you of any sewage problem that bothers you.

Our fully trained and experienced technicians are experts in cleaning all types of drains and pipes. Although we have all the skills and resources required to fix any type of drainage problem we have found that to limit problems, they need to be dealt with early, before they are maximized.

We believe in reliability, unparalleled service, courtesy and hard work. So we will be happy to be able to prove to you the high quality of the work we provide every day.