Sink blockage

SINK CLOCK . Do you find it hard enough to unclog a kitchen sink? If you think the correct answer is yes, then we have to inform you that you are wrong. The chances of a clog are always quite high as the sink pipe is burdened by various objects every day. In addition, most if not all of us use the sink every day either to cook or to wash our dishes, glasses and other utensils. Therefore, the sink plays a very important role in our everyday life.

Professional sink clog

Pressure Machine

In most cases of clogged sink, our company has special pressure machines. The pressure machine is used in difficult blockages with a controlled jet of water and can, in addition to removing the objects that have created the barrier, clean the puri and fats.


Steel is a traditional and quite effective way of clogging a sink. It is ideal for pipe blockages as in these cases a flexible tool is particularly needed. In addition to manual steel, we also use electromechanical steel depending on the case.

Diagnosis and occlusion with a camera

When the clog is stubborn we can use camera technology. Diagnosis and blockage with a camera is the most effective and modern method in order to properly check your sewer system. With this method it is easy to find the exact reason why the sink is clogged. Then we can combine other methods to free you forever from the problem of the constant blockage of the sink.

What usually clogs a sink?

The materials that most often clog a sink are fats, oils, sauces and the puri created from them. Also, food residues and soaps, as well as fruit and vegetable peels, are quite dangerous for the sewage system. All the above materials, when we let them pass through the siphon, tend to settle in some part of the pipe and because they do not dissolve, they clog the sink. The construction of the sewage system and its age play an equally important role.

Pipes with a larger diameter have more tolerances, while the materials from which they are made also play a crucial role. In addition, if a network is old, it is definitely more strained and therefore more likely to clog more often. Finally, it is quite important if we are referring to the network of an apartment building, a public space, a shop or a single-family house as the frequency of use differs.

The consequences of a clogged sink

To begin with, a clogged sink makes our daily life difficult since it hinders many of our activities. In addition, if we ignore the problem and let the sink remain clogged, there are quite a few chances of causing more serious problems in the pipes such as cracks or breaks resulting in water leaks and possible flooding or accumulation of moisture in various parts of the building. Therefore, many and significant damages can be created. Damage to floors and walls are some of them, which means that other financial costs arise, this time for the repairs of the damages.

Signs of a clogged sink

When your sink is about to clog, the main indication we are given is the significantly slow water draining. Also, odors are created along with strange sounds which are heard due to the difficulty of the water passing through the pipes.

How to avoid a clogged sink

In order not to clog the sink we will need to be very careful about what we let go down the pipe with the water. Ideally, every time we cook we should not empty the burnt oils and fats in general directly into the sink, but instead into a special container and then into the recycling. It is also important to dry the dishes well before washing them, regardless of whether they are washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Another good suggestion is to pour a pot or two of warm (not boiling) water into the siphon once a month.

Finally, you can work with us regarding the preventive cleaning and maintenance of your sink or, if you wish, of your entire drainage network. The maintenance contracts we provide cover the entire building drainage structure. This way you will have complete control over your drainage, the flow of sewage will always be smooth and the condition of the pipes will be excellent.

It is worth noting that you need to be very careful with the various occlusive products that you can find on the market as we do not recommend their frequent use. The most basic reason is that they are not safe because of the toxic ingredients that some of them contain. In addition to risking your health, all of your drains are also at risk. We have experienced damaged pipes due to some of these formulations and know how expensive the repair costs can be.

If I can't unclog my sink

If you have tried everything and the problem persists, then we will need to come with our professional machines and help you solve the problem. Depending each time on the type of sewer network, how old it is and its construction, we can use pressure or electric machines. In more difficult cases, control and occlusion with a camera may be needed. You can call us wherever you are in Attica and we will make sure to send a fully equipped workshop within minutes. We serve around the clock and every day of the week.