Bathtub blockage

A clocked bathtub is one of those problems that you will unfortunately encounter at least once in your life. In order for the bathtub drain to work properly, the water must be drained quickly after each use. When the tub becomes clogged, it must be unclogged immediately. Under no circumstances should you let the problem remain as there is a high chance that the damage will spread to other systems of the drainage network such as the sink or the toilet bowl if too much time passes.

Professional bathtub blockage

Water spray

Clogging a bathtub with a water jet is a very fast and effective method which is carried out using hoses up to 120 meters long that shoot high pressure water. Thanks to these flexible hoses we can access even the most remote parts of the pipes, thus giving a permanent solution to clogged pipes. In addition, this method can easily be combined with the use of an endoscopic occlusion camera for better control of the drains.

Obstructive rods

Blocking rods are a very effective way of unblocking pipes. These are sections of flexible rod that connect and can be manually pressed into the tub pipe. At the end of the rod, a series of different accessories can be placed depending on the type of problem that has arisen in order to solve the problem of the clogged bathtub.

Electric machines

Electric powered drain unblockers have special wires with a few additions in some cases. Due to the fact that these machines are made for professional use, the result of the work is clearly better than what can be achieved by the occlusive coils that can be found in the trade. As far as our workshops are concerned, we mainly use electric blocking machines instead of manual steel ones.

Causes of bathtub clogging

The main cause of bathtub clogging is hair and soaps. Every time you use the bathtub to bathe, some of these two enter the water trap and then down the drain. In addition, because hair cannot be dissolved, it accumulates and creates a tangle that constantly grows and traps other objects that try to pass down the drain such as soaps. So, over time it is very likely that you will face a clog.

Also, a bathtub can easily become clogged after washing carpets or rugs. Or even after washing your pets. Therefore, the main reason for a clogged bathtub is the accumulation of various materials inside the drain pipe. Another common cause can be the age of the sewer network as well as its construction itself. Every sewer system is made up of narrow diameter pipes that become more prone to clogs depending on how old and worn they are. Finally, the combination of all the above causes is particularly dangerous for the bathtub siphon.

Preventive measures for bathtub clogging

In order to avoid a clogged bathtub, you can place small pieces of netting on the metal or plastic lid that covers the bathtub siphon. This way you don’t allow the large amount of hair and soaps to enter the pipe. Installing them is easy, you can change them after every 3 uses and throw away the old one. In addition, once a month you can flush the bathtub siphon by pouring a pot of hot water (not boiling over 80 degrees Celsius). Finally, you can also add some lemon juice. you have a better chance of avoiding clogs and possible unpleasant odors.

Signs of a clogged bathtub

Before the bathtub becomes clogged, some specific indications appear in most cases. When they appear, we have to check the drainage system to check if a blockage might be created. The most common indication is when the water does not flow at a normal rate through the siphon, i.e. there is a slow drain. Another indication is the unpleasant odors coming from the siphon. A final clue is a strange noise that can be heard through the walls every time you turn on the bathtub faucet.

When home remedies don't work

Have you tried home remedies to unclog your bathtub and they didn’t work? Then it’s time to call us to unclog it. The reason that do-it-yourself methods often don’t work is that the clog is not superficial. Therefore, the blockage must necessarily be done with professional pressure or electric machines depending on the type and construction of the sewer network. From the moment you call us, we will make sure that one of our equipped workshops is near you within a short time. It will give you a permanent solution and restore the water flow to a normal state.