Blockages Argyroupoli

ARGYROUPOLI BLOCKAGES. Whether you have a blocked drain pipe or simply want to keep your sewer line clean you can trust MyApofraxeis. We provide professional drain unclogging and cleaning services to ensure that the sewer system is in full working order. We offer a high-definition camera for inspection and diagnosis of the inside of the pipes. We cut and remove roots that have entered the sewer pipes. We carry out water pumping either from a flood or from a leak.

We have advanced technology equipment and technical staff specially trained to handle the latest generation tools. We rely on consistency, professionalism, responsibility and respect your space. We do not cause any disturbance in your home and we pay particular attention to the method of approaching the plugs so as not to cause damage to the pipes.

Obstruction with a pressurized water jet mechanism

A pressure unclog is the safest and most effective way to remove hair, grease, paper, build-up and other foreign particles that clog drains. This particular mechanism uses only water and will not damage or wear down the pipes like other clogging methods.

Two important factors for a correct blockage are the correct assessment of the problem and the immediate communication with our company if you have identified that there is a problem that you cannot deal with yourself. All of the unclogging and cleaning methods we use leave the piping intact. We remove all obstructions such as papers, diapers, baby wipes and other items that tend to block ducts. Depending on the case, we use special pressurized water jet heads, such as rotary heads, to properly deal with any type of blockage.

Camera sewer inspection

Camera equipment allows us to have a clear picture of a potential or real problem. Misuse of drains, such as throwing baby wipes down the sink, can clog your drain line weeks and months later.

If you realize you have a problem with your sewer line, we can help by diagnosing it with a CCTV camera inspection of the pipes. You may have already noticed the symptoms of the problem before you understood the severity of the damage, and a camera inspection will help to catch the problem early before it escalates.

Some problems are complex and may require detailed investigation through the camera to be identified. Sometimes the ground just shifts, which causes strange sewer behavior and pipe damage. The information from the camera helps to determine exactly where to unclog. 

Our skilled technician guides the camera through the pipes and monitors the footage in real time. This function allows him to diagnose the condition of the pipes on the spot. If you want a digital recording of the diagnosis, it is possible, if you have informed us before the start of the work, to deliver the video or photos to you on a USB or SD card.

Blockage by tree roots

If you have a clogged drain, there’s a good chance tree roots are the cause. The roots look for water and nutrients for them that flow through the tubes. So they enter through cracks or loose joints and sometimes cause serious damage. They grow inside the pipes and form an ever-growing mass together with the various particles and materials (paper, baby wipes, fats, food scraps) which adhere to this “natural” net. At some point these deposits clog the pipe and stop the smooth flow completely.

We deal with several cases of blocked drains from tree roots which have a different way of dealing with other types of blockages. We have special root cutting equipment exclusively for the removal and extraction of roots from sewers. We will remove the roots, remove them and clean the pipes. 

Because it’s really hard to know exactly where the problem is and how serious it is, a good move is to call a professional to diagnose the problem. With the right routing device, we can get to the “root of the problem” so that sewage and rainwater can flow properly again.

Water pumping

Severe weather nowadays floods basements, semi-basements, ground floors, parking lots and elevator shafts. Water pumping is the only solution in these cases and we deal with them effectively with state-of-the-art pumps. Our experienced technicians can complete pumping immediately in any area that may flood from any cause such as leaks or overflows. Depending on the quantity, the type of waste water and the space, powerful pumps with high suction speed. We pump all types of water, rain and dirty, with precision and excellent results.

We all know that the drainage system of Athens and in general of all of Attica in several cases of sudden downpour has difficulty draining the large volume of water. Clogged public sewer gutters, grates, manholes and inadequate coverage with large sewers have led to natural disasters, destruction of public as well as private property.  

From the moment you contact us, one of our equipped fleet vehicles in your area will intervene immediately, quickly, professionally and efficiently.